TEDX Billings


Date: October 3, 2015
Location: Cisel Hall, MSUB Campus
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Theme: Innovation in Action

Speaker Bio

Elizabeth Klarich

For over 4 decades, Elizabeth Klarich has taught yoga in a wide variety of venues, from fitness clubs to universities, yoga studios, resorts, retreats, treatment centers, women’s prisons and rehabilitation centers, including producing a TV program for over a decade and writing a newspaper column. Elizabeth’s eclectic background allows for an empowering, heart centered, individualized approach to each class and every person. Inspired by some of yoga’s most influential teachers, Elizabeth has developed an ability to teach creatively and intuitively.

Having studied many styles of yoga and Pilates, she draws from her broad background as she equally focuses on inner core strength, functional flexibility, balance, stamina and concentration. Influenced by Kriya yoga, her approach is energizing and invigorating. Elizabeth received her teaching certification through extensive study and practice with her primary teacher and mentor, Valerie O’Hara, PhD, author of The Wellness Option, Five Weeks to Healing Stress and founder of La Jolla Institute for Stress Management. In the late 1970′s, she also attended The Institute for Yoga Teacher Education in San Francisco, now the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco

In October 2012, Elizabeth experienced an awakening about how to maximize joint stability while improving mobility, avoiding hyper-flexibility and using pain-free movement from the inner core. She studied with Michaelle Edwards, author and founder of YogAlign. This training solidified Elizabeth’s approach into scientifically sound biomechanics. Elizabeth had always kept her style user-friendly, but YogAlign methods served to completely shift her away from any sort of contortionism, thus avoiding any stretching of the joints. The result is a new model of exercise that is absolutely functional and completely applicable to real life movement by using only natural and biomechanically sound techniques for improving posture and fluid movement. After many years of mentoring numerous students to become teachers, in Kauai, with Edwards, she received her E-500 RYT to officially become a teacher of teachers. 


Elizabeth continues to expand her practice and classes beyond traditional training into a unique and ever-evolving body-mind alignment program. She integrates dynamic physical movement and postures, self-massage, isometrics, shaking, gentle bouncing, grounding, breathing techniques, affirmations, and relaxation meditations into every class. It is not an unusual experience in her classes to enjoy laughter and free-flowing dance while humming and singing along to uplifting music as an awesome way to increase the heart rate and enhance a youthful feeling of being vibrant, energetic and whole. Her way of teaching alignment and techniques for doing physical exercises takes each person and sound biomechanics into account, adapting her classes to a variety of different levels. She offers many modifications for each exercise to accommodate various limitations, injuries, aches, pains, stress points, and aggravations. In this way, she takes a therapeutic approach to heal and to break through blockages. She also offers modifications and options for enhancing a more challenging experience for those who want and need a greater degree of difficulty.

Elizabeth begins each class with a feeling of enthusiasm as if it was her first, gratitude as if it were her last, and passion for the opportunity to share. In this way, she embraces the power of peace that comes through present moment living, the power of love that grows through service, and the joy that expands through being thankful.

A student visiting from Houston who travels for her job, taking yoga everywhere she goes, exclaimed that Elizabeth’s class was “The best yoga class I’ve ever taken!” Cheryl Moseley, a nurse, photographer, world traveler and creator of the “Eye of the World “ film and website, who discovered yoga in India while working with Mother Teresa said, “My orthopedist referred me to Elizabeth for help with chronic pain. She is one of the finest yoga teachers I have ever seen!” After just one class, a 30 year veteran cardiologist, Dr. Ed Dean, said of Elizabeth’s presentation: “it was the most useful experience I have had in any class at any time in my entire life. The essentials of her methods are fundamental and applicable to many different exercise genres as well as to life itself.”