TEDX Billings


Date: October 3, 2015
Location: Cisel Hall, MSUB Campus
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Theme: Innovation in Action

Speaker Bio

Dr. Jeff Golini
CEO and Executive Scientist of All American Pharmaceutical

From his beginnings as a high school All-Conference athlete in Ohio turned Professional Body Builder in California, Dr. Jeff Golini, knows with hard work and a creatively strategic plan, anyone can take life’s challenges head on and turn ordinary circumstances into extraordinary opportunities. Seeing a need to invent, develop and produce a safe, drug-free dietary nutritional supplement for the professional athlete, Dr. Golini took his own competitive spirit and performance knowledge from a hobby in his small California apartment in 1985 to the current multi-million dollar state of the art, 150,000 square foot Research & Manufacturing facility in Billings, Mont.


All American Pharmaceutical with Dr. Golini serving at the helm as CEO and Executive Scientist, now celebrates its 30-year business anniversary and is designed to FDA Specifications for dietary supplement production. The company employs 135 people with additional offices located in Poland, Bakersfield and San Jose, California.  All American Pharmaceutical EFX Sports™ brand guarantees its products are 100 percent drug-free and the highest quality, meeting all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and is best known for its flagship products Kre-Alkalyn® EFX and Karbolyn®.


Dr. Golini is the author to many published clinical studies and the book, The Dangers of Creatinine; he is the co-host of Science for Humans on www.SuperHumanRadio.com; host of  a webinar series called “Ask the Scientist” on www.MuscleInsider.com; and the serves as the Montana Kids worship leader at his church.


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